Standing firm, protecting all Hoosiers

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E-mail update from the Indiana Republican Caucus:

Standing firm, protecting all Hoosiers

(March 25, 2011) – House Republicans have remained focused on Hoosier families during the Democrat walkout. Republicans have stayed at the Statehouse moving forward with the work that they were elected to do, while Democrats remain holed-up in Urbana, Illinois.

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) proceeded this week by holding informal hearings on Senate Bills. In addition House Republicans are working with Senate colleagues in Senate committee hearings and are voicing their opinion on important legislation. This collaborative effort will save taxpayer’s money by moving forward with as much legislation as they possibly can as the Democrats remain absent pushing the General Assembly closer and closer to a costly special session.

Speaker Bosma stated that, “the future of the democratic process is at stake. It’s time for individuals to participate in the process that we all swore to uphold.”

The Democrats entered this walkout with 11 demands that must be met before they would return home to Indianapolis. However, their demands have been consistently changing.

The time has passed for long distance negotiations and new demands. They have walked out on the Hoosier people long enough. We are standing firm for Hoosier taxpayers; we are here doing our job, ready to work, and continue to make this the most successful session we can.

“In November, the majority of Hoosiers voted for a very important agenda that balances the state budget without raising taxes, promotes job creation and expands education opportunities. We cannot let the tyranny of the minority dictate the issues before the General Assembly,” said Speaker Bosma.

“We will not allow an important agenda that protects Hoosier families, taxpayers, students, and workers, to be sidetracked by a few misguided individuals, and those who are following them,” said Speaker Bosma.


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