John McGauley joins Bonahoom’s campaign for Clerk

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News release from the Zach Bonahoom campaign:

John McGauley joins Bonahoom’s campaign for Clerk

John McGauley, former City Clerk Candidate and current Allen County Recorder has signed on as Chairman to the Zach Bonahoom for Office committee.

Zach Bonahoom is a local small business owner and licensed real estate salesperson. He is seeking to unseat current Democrat Clerk, Sandy Kennedy, who has been in office for 28 years, since 1983.

Zach is excited to have McGauley’s support and expertise saying, “John has been through this same campaign already in 2003, he is an invaluable asset to this campaign and we are honored to have his experience.”

John McGauley has created efficiencies in the Allen County Recorder’s office, and notes that through changes (specifically in technology), he has been able to reduce the Recorder’s use of tax dollars by 60%, since 2007. During his first year as Allen County Recorder, McGauley reduced turn around time from 67 days to 1 day.

Zach has set his own conservative goal of a 25% reduction in the City Clerk’s budget, should he be elected.

Zach notes that many of McGauley’s campaign ideas from his City Clerk bid in 2003 are still relevant today and have been ignored by Kennedy, “John proposed ideas in 2003 that were time and money saving ideas. I have built on these ideas, while also bringing fresh ideas of my own.

“This is a meeting of the minds, a combination of strong fiscally conservative ideas, and we are excited to show the City of Fort Wayne how a Zach Bonahoom City Clerk’s office can save them money while bringing convenience and efficiency into the process.”

Bonahoom and McGauley both agree that Fort Wayne should be setting the example in technology, especially for smaller cities throughout the state.

“Right now the Fort Wayne City Clerk’s office is not setting the technology example, but the Allen County Recorder’s office is, by leaps and bounds, and that’s where I want to take the Clerk’s office.” Zach said.

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