Missing Mayor Henry social media comments

This week, there’s been a couple of news releases from the Paula Hughes campaign and a response from someone helping with the Mayor Henry campaign in between.

First, Paula Hughes sent a news release on Monday titled, “Mayor Henry’s $72,000 social media contract backfired“.

Kevin Knuth, who is helping with the Henry campaign, responded to a query from Indiana News Center with:

The work being done by Carolyn Grisko and Associates is not yet complete. The fact that the City was able to generate 30,000 responses locally and internationally from the “Name Our Building” forum, an early experiment with Feedback Fort Wayne, shows the potential in digital communications. It shows why a comprehensive approach needs to be in place, and why good advice from seasoned professionals is a good investment for Fort Wayne.

Paula’s comments show she clearly doesn’t understand the scope and potential of digital communications.

Mayor Henry wants to take government to the people where they are and how they want to connect with it, make it easier for them to use. In fact, he’s being very prudent about integrating new technologies into City systems.

Let’s be clear on the challenge: The City of Fort Wayne serves over a quarter million residents, has approximately 1,800 employees, and operates 30-plus different business units that deliver hundreds of programs and services around the clock. To expand the City’s overall community involvement and outreach methods requires significant planning.

Paula cannot even keep her Facebook page up to date. I’d say depending on her to come up with a comprehensive digital media approach appears to be quite a stretch.

The comments were alluded to by Indiana’s News Center, but not provided by them.

Then today, a second response from Hughes.

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