City recognizes improved properties

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

City recognizes improved properties
Mayor Henry and Neighborhood Code Enforcement Bestow Gold Star Certificates on 7 Properties

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry joined Neighborhood Code Enforcement director Cindy Joyner Thursday to recognize seven property owners who had turned around their once-blighted properties.

“These residences had been cited by our department for substantial code violations,” said Joyner. “Not only did the owners work with us to accomplish a plan to get back in compliance, they went over and above the requirements. Our code officers nominated each property for its achievements and I am proud to commend each of the owners.”

Joyner said past violations on the seven sites included one which had been damaged in a fire. The owner removed the entire second story and rehabilitated the first story, ending up with a very attractive house. Another property in need of attention was hand scraped and painted to preserve its historical character. While code violations require properties to be brought back up to minimum standards, these owners each did more work and put in more effort than required to improve their properties, according to Joyner.

“It is very gratifying to see property owners who not only care about their own property, but who recognize the impact their improvements have on surrounding properties and on entire neighborhoods,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Just as one irresponsible property owner can drag down an entire block, the health and vitality of a whole area can be improved by the actions of a single owner. I am proud to recognize these residents with Gold Star certificates.”

The seven Gold Star recipients are:

[list type=”black”]
[li]Lula Sullivan – 3118 South Anthony[/li]
[li]Reginald Converse – 905 Columbia[/li]
[li]Judy and Donald Anderson – 329 Greenwood[/li]
[li]Rex Wells – 1524 Franklin[/li]
[li]Jason Fansler – 2704 Taylor[/li]
[li]Richard and Cathy Schrock – 1816 Cody[/li]
[li]NLI Inc. – 425 Greenlawn[/li]

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