Independent candidate joins Mayoral race

Haley Ahrendt officially filed this morning for the Fort Wayne Mayoral race as an Independent candidate.

Media release:

Haley Ahrendt will officially submit his paperwork for his bid for the office of Mayor for the city of Fort Wayne. The media is invited to attend the announcement on Tuesday, February 8.

Haley Ahrendt will be seeking the office of Mayor as an Independent candidate.

A qualified local businessman with a background in corporate operations, crisis/risk management, and loss prevention. For several years Haley was also an active member for Crime Stoppers of greater Fort Wayne nonprofit organization. He has been part of their Executive Board and held the positions of Secretary and Chairman.

The citizens of Fort Wayne deserve an option of a candidate who is independent of either party. One that will when elected approach the city needs with bipartisanship.

“Personally disenchanted with both parties, politics have turned in to more about control and less about the people. Realizing I’m not alone in my feelings I decided to run for the office.”

“I’m not a politician and I do not think that’s a bad thing”.

“We need to bring common sense and transparency back to local government with a fresh positive proactive approach”.
“We need make this election more about the people of Fort Wayne and less about the politician or their party affiliation.”

Candidates have reportedly (to date) raised collectively almost one million dollars in contributions. All this money will be spent convincing us to retain Mayor Henry or allow Republicans gain the control of the Mayor’s office. Haley Ahrendt will not solicit or accept any contributions. “I will instead do it the old fashion way, meeting people, listening to their needs and concerns. Then count on supporter’s word of mouth, with a modern twist of Facebook at Haley4Mayor.”

“I will not owe any favors when I’m elected. You cannot receive that kind of money in contributions without owing someone a few favors, which is part of the problem.” “If the Mayoral race will be won by who can raise and spend the most money to get elected, I will not win.”



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