Twelve more homeowners avoid future floods

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Twelve more homeowners avoid future floods

(January 14, 2011) – Twelve more homeowners along the Junk Ditch and Saint Marys River will no longer be affected by flooding thanks to a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant. Properties residing in these flood-prone areas will be purchased, demolished and turned into open green space.

“Knowing there are 12 less homeowners affected by the tumultuous floodplains along this area is great news,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “It has been my goal as mayor to ensure the utmost safety for all residents and helping provide stability, especially in areas that have been affected for years as the hardest hit flood-prone areas in Fort Wayne.”

Hazard Mitigation Grant funding for the 12-home buyouts is provided by 75 percent federal and 25 percent local money totaling close to $747,000.

Since the 2003 flood, more than 103 homes have been bought out and converted into green space, not counting the 12 soon-to-be-purchased homes.

“This area of the City has encountered devastating floods. Helping our local families move out of the flood-prone areas helps ensure they will never have to endure this hardship again,” said Mayor Tom Henry.

“This project is another fine example of the commitments made by the City of Fort Wayne and Maumee River Basin Commission to reduce future flood damages in Fort Wayne,” said Rodney Renkenberger, executive Director of the MRBC. “Home buyouts particularly benefit the Junk Ditch area by creating additional open green space for flood water storage.”

The Junk Ditch is a tributary of the St. Marys. It often floods during heavy rains. An Army Corp of Engineers study determined permanent flood protection was not an option for this low lying area of the City.

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