Indiana launches Reagan Centennial web site, activities

Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration logo.

Press release from Lt. Governor Becky Skillman:

Indiana Launches Reagan Centennial Web Site, Activities

(INDIANAPOLIS, January 3, 2011) – Lt. Governor Becky Skillman today rolled out several activities in conjunction with Indiana’s Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration, including a Speakers Bureau, an essay contest for students, and an outlet for Hoosiers to share personal memories about our 40th President. The 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth occurs on February 6, 2011.

“The opportunities we are presenting for this occasion will help out youth learn about America during Reagan’s tenure as president as well as allowing those of us who lived through the era to share our experiences,” said Lt. Governor Skillman, who is spearheading the centennial efforts in Indiana.

The state launched a web site today focused on Ronald Reagan, found at Included on the site:

  • A timeline of President Reagan’s life, including details of his nine visits to Indiana while president.
  • A message board allowing Hoosiers to share personal memories and/or photographs of Reagan.
  • An essay contest for Indiana students. Children from the fourth through twelfth grades can submit a 500-word essay answering the question “What is Ronald Reagan’s most important contribution to American history?” Teachers who have their students participate in the contest are asked to submit only the top essay from their class for consideration. The winner of the contest will be invited to read their essay at a Statehouse ceremony in February.
  • A Speakers Bureau request form. Lt. Governor Skillman is encouraging schools, local governments, or community organizations to hold events recognizing the centennial. Several elected officials have volunteered to speak about their memories of President Reagan, and Hoosiers can use the web site to request a speaker for their event.

President Barack Obama signed legislation in 2009 creating the Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission. Since 1950, the United State Congress has on only ten occasions established a Centennial Commission to mark the anniversary of a President or First Lady’s birth.

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