Councilwoman Karen Goldner’s re-election announcement and photos

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Press release from Councilwoman Goldner:

Goldner to seek 2nd term for Fort Wayne City Council

Karen Goldner announced today she will seek re-election to the Fort Wayne City Council, representing the 2nd District, in the November election. Fort Wayne’s 2nd District voters elected Goldner in 2007.

As the 2nd District’s City Council representative, Goldner has worked hard to keep her promises to the people of the 2nd District.

In making her announcement at the Firefly Coffee House on the North Anthony corridor, Goldner said she knows that there is more work to be done, but she’s the person to make it happen. “If the voters of the 2nd District allow me another term, I will continue to advocate for them, our neighborhoods and our businesses while w9rking with the city administration to plan for Fort Wayne’s future. We must continue to provide the high quality services our residents have come to expect within a tight budget,” Goldner said. “But standing still is not good enough as we compete for jobs in the world economy. For instance, we must improve the City’s permitting system, which is vital to our community’s ability to attract and retain good jobs.”

A tireless advocate for her district, Goldner held 12 quarterly community meetings within the district in three years, significantly more than the typical constituent outreach of other council members. Known for walking neighborhoods during the 2007 campaign, she has continued those neighborhood walks throughout her term and has made sure she is visible in the district and accessible to the people she represents. She has worked with nearly every City department in order to ensure that the problems of 2nd District residents, neighborhoods and businesses are addressed.

Goldner helped craft the new garbage and recycling contract that lowered residents’ monthly fees yet increased recyding options and allows for the City to share in revenues from recyclable materials collected, an example of getting more and paying less. She supported an ordinance to protect neighborhoods from decaying commercial properties by holding commercial properties owners to minimum maintenance standards and ultimately creating more attractive and desirable commercial corridors and neighborhoods.

Formerly Director of Economic Development and currently President of the Main Street Venture Fund, a local investment group, Goldner has significant experience in what is needed to help local businesses create jobs.

“Economic development is a political buzzword but too few people know how City government can actually create an environment that fosters job growth,” said Goldner. “It’s one thing to say it, and another to be able to do something about it. As Director of Economic Development in the early 2000’s, we cut red tape and sped up the time to approve permits. However, we need to update the process and I am working with the administration to make this happen.”

Goldner led the effort for a buy local ordinance to make it easier for local employers to do business with the City, which keeps tax dollars in the local economy. She has helped bring more than $1 million in neighborhood capital improvements to the 2nd District that has improved infrastructure within neighborhoods. She was instrumental in the development of a system that makes it easier for small businesses to qualify for tax abatements while improving accountability to the tax payers.

“I am proud to be part of the Fort Wayne team fighting for good jobs and business growth,” said Goldner. “My goal is to make it easier for companies to pick Fort Wayne, get started here and continue to grow. That means I’ve been a champion of cutting red tape and speeding up time to approve permits. You can be sure I’ll continue to watchdog these efforts and press for great efficiencies. The economic health of our community depends on it.”

In addition to working for me Main Street Venture Fund, Goldner is an associate at Ruffolo Benson LLC, a Fort Wayne firm that provides advice and capital to businesses in the region in order to retain and regain locallownership.

Fellow politicians in attendance included: Mayor Tom Henry, Deputy Mayor Beth Malloy, Jack Morris, Mike Avila and Mike Conley.

Candidate Information:
WebsiteCouncilwoman Goldner’s website should be live in the next day or two.

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