Alert: Polar Bear Plunge time?

The 73rd annual Polar Bear Plunge, but, unfortunately, I misread my notes regarding the start time.

The official, never-changing start time is 2:00 pm.  The location is still the same – the boat launch at the Johnny Appleseed Park.

I have confirmed this.  The temperature is supposed to drop, so dress warmly, especially if you’re going into the water.


  1. Too bad you mis-read your notes. A bunch of people (us included) thought the time might have been changed and showed up just in case. They had a “pre-plunge” at 11:56. The real Polar Bears all showed up for the 2:00 event with a good turn out. The lesson learned is even the internet doesn’t know all 🙂

    • The internet does know everything, Joe, just not it’s webmasters! Remember the old adage, garbage in, garbage out? lol

      I wasn’t the only one that had it wrong; someone was telling me about another website that had it at 11, so perhaps there was a pre-pre-plunge-plunge as well? I also just had a phone call from someone who was out that way about 4 pm and noticed another group taking a plunge as well!

      I promise I’ll do better next year – and my sincerest apologies Joe!

  2. We showed up for the 12:00 plunge because the only info I could find for this anywhere was your blog! Im glad we at least found some info to go on thanks to you! 🙂 It was a blast, me and my friends first time and it was so wonderful we will definetly be there next year, and at 2pm since now we know thats the official time, hehehe
    Have a wonderful year everyone!!

  3. I understand that some people were inconvenienced. And, I guess, for some, that’s a license to whine. We’re good at that.
    People make mistakes. Responsible people, however, acknowledge their mistakes, apologize, and correct them as soon as they become known. Mr. Parker is to be commended for his efforts in keeping us informed and we should all keep keep that in mind.

    Thanks, Stephen for your work. Your accuracy record still beats the newspaper and TV stations who reporters are still learning to pronounce our streets names oftentimes can not find their butts if they used both hands.

    • Awwww thanks, Doug! I appreciate it. I really did take it in stride and it didn’t upset me. Well, the mention in the Journal Gazette did a little, especially after I ran into their reporter and she pulled her little stunt. Oh well, lesson learned.

  4. Glad everything got straightened out on the correct time of 2:00 p.m. for the annual Polar Bear swim. It has always been 2:00 pm for as long as I remember and this was my 25th swim! I asked an “oldtimer” polar bear many years back why we went at 2:00 p.m. and his reply was that “2:00 pm is the warmest part of the day!” Makes sense! HA!
    The Hamilton Lake (Hamilton, Indiana) Lions Club sponsors a polar bear swim on New Year’s Eve afternoon, also at 2:00 p.m. It’s held downtown at the public beach. We have a blast there, too! I have gone 16 years there. Join us next year!

    • Hi Judy! It was good to see you at the plunge. Some time, I need to get some photos to you. I’ve taken quite a few of you and Winston and now Sandy as well. Maybe I will bring them with me to the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

      I just might have to make a drive up to Hamilton Lake next year!


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