Mayor Henry on Emergency Communications remaining in the CCB

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Statement of Mayor Tom Henry on City-County Emergency Communications remaining in the City-County Building – November 19, 2010:

As Mayor, I want to reaffirm my support for the location of the City-County emergency dispatch center in the City-County Building as planned. Any additional need for space or infrastructure capacity will be addressed as the building is reconfigured to welcome both the Fort Wayne Police and Allen County Sheriff’s departments.

Anyone who has lived through remodeling a home or building a new one understands that during the process something unexpected inevitably crops up, especially with an older building. Technology changes and space modification needs are bound to surface, even with good planning. The challenges of renovation are ongoing, but the City-County Building offers options to successfully resolve 911 dispatch center issues. There are also possibilities available in the community to handle the mutual needs of a City-County public safety radio shop.

I remain firmly committed to the pledge of achieving full City-County co-location. I am committed to a joint solution for the critical space needs of our local public safety departments.

With the plan to put both public safety departments in the City-County Building and to locate our development and management teams in 200 East Berry Street, we are coming together as a community to make things easier for our residents and to make local government work better.

We are finding new and better ways of doing the peoples’ business, striving to make City and County governments more effective and more responsive. And in these difficult times, now more than ever, we are pledged to do it wisely and prudently.

Of equal importance, City-County government co-location will extend an enthusiastic greeting to new jobs and business development through the creation of a one-stop shop for growth. Regardless of the minor bumps along the co-location road, we are pushing the door to greater collaboration wide open and reaching toward the full cost-saving potential that working smarter and working together will offer.

We are one community and our singular message to the world must be: This is the best place for business to grow, a wonderful place to live, and we are a team that is ready to help you realize your dreams.

A streamlined, easier-to-use local government is essential to that. The City-County government co-location plan is a good deal for City residents and a great deal for our entire community.

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