John Crawford launches campaign

Campaign statement from Republican Dr. John Crawford:

John Crawford launches campaign
Running for Fort Wayne City Council At Large Seat in 2011

John Crawford outlined the reasons for his decision at a 1 pm news conference November 18 at Republican headquarters. Republican John Crawford, former city councilman at-large, intends to run in the 2011 city elections to re-gain an at-large council seat. Crawford, a practicing physician, first won a seat in 1995 and served the city for 12 years. He is best remembered for being a fiscal conservative and championing the city’s smoking ban. After seeking input, he received strong encouragement to run for either Mayor or City Council. He stated, “The most important factor in my decision was that while I like serving in political office, I love being able to help cancer patients as a doctor and I’m not ready to give that up.” The input he received also drove the decision, “While many citizens support me there are others who, because of the smoking ordinance, hate me with an intensity to which you would think I ate their children. I believe it is important for the Republican party to have a Mayoral candidate who can unite the party to win this time; my name at the top of the ballot might not be the perfect name in 2011.”

John Crawford believes that government has been exerting an ever increasing control over our lives with more regulations and taxes. “My interest in our city and our community at large draws me back into service,” explained Crawford. “Just like you, I want Fort Wayne to be a great place to live. A thriving community has high paying jobs and those jobs come from businesses willing to locate here and grow here,” Crawford adds. Crawford thinks limiting government inevitably limits taxes which makes a community attractive for business.

The announcement was made early to help other candidates running for Mayor and City Council in 2011 to plan their campaigns.

Dr. Crawford’s campaign website live

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