Wayne High School accepts sanctions from IHSAA

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Wayne High School accepts sanctions from IHSAA

(November 5, 2010) – Wayne High School has accepted sanctions from the Indiana High School Athletic Association following the Oct. 22 sectional football game against Delta High School. During that game, four Wayne players and two members of the coaching staff were ejected, primarily for unsportsmanlike conduct. Prior to IHSAA Commissioner Blake Ress’ determination, the Wayne administration completed its own investigation and issued disciplinary consequences, as necessary, to those involved.

Following its investigation, IHSAA commended the Wayne High School administration for its cooperation and desire to prevent future similar events from occurring. The school was already in the process of selecting a character building program for Wayne athletic teams, which will be implemented during the winter athletic season, and parents of student athletes will be required to attend a pre-season meeting. Any student whose parent does not attend the mandatory meeting will not be allowed to participate in that sport.

To address the IHSAA rule violations, Commissioner Blake Ress made the following determinations:

  • The Wayne athletic program is placed on probation through the 2011 fall contest season.
  • After week six of the 2011 football season, a determination will be made whether or not the Wayne football team may participate in the 2011 IHSAA football tournament series.
  • Coach Kyle Beauchamp shall be suspended for the first regular season game of the 2011 football season based on Rule 8-3 of the IHSAA By-Laws. Coach Beauchamp is not to be on the premises during the game when his suspension is being served.
  • As determined by the Wayne administration, Assistant Coach Robert McDonald shall receive a more severe penalty than assessed against Coach Beauchamp.
  • Due to the severity of the unsportsmanlike behaviors exhibited, the players who were ejected shall receive a penalty, determined by the Wayne administration, greater than a one game athletic suspension.
  • The school administration must adopt and implement a character building program within the school in an effort to change the current attitudes of student athletes regarding education based athletics and their role as a student athlete. All athletes will be required to participate in this program.
  • In all sports, parents will be required to attend a pre-season meeting addressing behavioral expectations for them and the children.
  • The administration of Wayne High School is commended for the manner in which they have responded and investigated the incidents of Oct. 22.

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