Bosma, Friend and Richardson Re-elected as Leadership Team

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An e-mail from the House Republican Caucus:

Bosma, Friend and Richardson Re-elected as Leadership Team

(STATEHOUSE, November 4, 2010) – Members of the Indiana House Republican Caucus convened Wednesday to organize and select their leaders for the upcoming 117th Indiana General Assembly. The caucus unanimously endorsed the leadership team of Representative Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) as Speaker-elect, Representative Bill Friend (R-Macy) as Majority Floor Leader-elect and Representative Kathy Richardson (R-Noblesville) as Caucus Chairwoman-elect.

Joining the leadership team and incumbents were 17 newly elected House Members.

In remarks to the press following the caucus, Speaker-elect Bosma stated that even though House Republicans regained control of the House, this is not a time for celebration.

“This was never about winning an election. This is about completing the work that was begun in 2005 – to bring Indiana fully into the 21st Century. Our goals will include creating the jobs that today’s students are prepared for and to make our public education system one of the premier education systems in the country,” said Speaker-elect Bosma.

The Indiana General Assembly will be faced with balancing a budget in difficult fiscal times, strengthening Indiana’s economic climate, and drawing new legislative maps in a fair and balanced way.

“We pledge to pass a responsible budget meeting the critical needs of our state, with no tax increases on Hoosier families. We pledge to do what Hoosier families and businesses have had to do in tough economic times – live within our means.”

Another key point that Speaker-elect Bosma stood strong on is the return of civility and bipartisan cooperation to the Indiana House through increased transparency to the public and open-debate on issues before the House.

“These are lofty goals in a difficult year, but I can tell you that the 59 members of the Republican caucus pledge to address each and every one of these issues, and many more” said Speaker-elect Bosma.


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