Locke: Government reform should start in Indianapolis

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Campaign statement from Sam Locke, Democrat candidate for Indiana State Auditor:

Locke: Government reform should start in Indianapolis

Sam Locke, Democratic Candidate for State Auditor, announced three weeks ago that he would unveil four major innovations planned for the office should he be elected by Hoosier voters on November 2nd.

Locke has already outlined his plans to propose more elaborate payable and contract audits, discussed ways the Auditor can play a bigger role in curbing waste, and detailed additional measures the State should take to ensure financial transparency. He continues this week by pledging to be a vocal advocate for government reform, starting from within the State’s financial management structure. Locke said, “For many Hoosiers, recent local government reform proposals lack credibility because they sense Indianapolis interfering with local governance without taking a look in the mirror. I believe any meaningful government reform must start with Indianapolis setting the example, and most Hoosiers would agree we are far from that scenario.”

Specifically, Locke will advocate for the following reforms aimed at making the State’s financial structure work more effectively::

  • Streamline responsibilities of the myriad of agencies and boards on which the Auditor serves. The highly-nuanced nature of these organizations, such as the State Board of Finance and Board of Depositories, make it nearly impossible for local government units and taxpayers to direct accountability to a single source. These bureaucratic layers have led to critical million-dollar mistakes impacting local government entities.
  • Research the concept of consolidating the State Auditor and State Treasurer positions into a new State Comptroller role to eliminate overhead and overlapping responsibility. Significant, medium-term, business process improvements must be realized in both offices before fully feasible.
  • Lobby for reform of the State’s audit trail. The Auditor’s books, meant to be a check on the Governor, should be audited by an independent accounting firm, not the gubernatorial-appointed State Board of Accounts.

Locke concluded, “Hoosier taxpayers should feel confident that State officials are looking to themselves for reform before pointing the finger at local government – exactly what these initiatives will achieve.”

For my information on Locke’s campaign, please visit www.lockeforauditor.com


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