Hayhurst Ahead in New Poll

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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign:

Hayhurst Ahead in New Poll

Tom Hayhurst’s Congressional Campaign released a new general election poll that shows Hayhurst leading Marlin Stutzman 40%-36% with Libertarian, Scott Wise, receiving 3%.

“Tom Hayhurst clearly has the momentum,” said Hayhurst Campaign Manager, Jason Kingsbury. The local poll that came out earlier this week was flawed and we have the data to prove it. This poll signals that Hoosiers know Tom Hayhurst is the best candidate for Northeast Indiana and Marlin Stutzman will take us back to the failed policies and promises of Congressman Souder. In the final days of this campaign, Dr. Hayhurst will continue to work tirelessly to close the remaining gap and win this race for the folks of Northeast Indiana.”

The poll had a 400 person sample, and was taken by Riggs Research on October 27th and 28th. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%.

“We are very encouraged by the results of this poll, which shows what we’ve been saying all along; this race is neck and neck and will be decided on Election Day. This poll is just another reflection of the level of support I have received from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. It’s clear that we have the momentum and that voters don’t want another clone of Mark Souder,” said Hayhurst.


  1. Hey, maybe it’s Rigs as in rig the data? I agree, this is laughable in the 10th degree! I will eat every one of my “Oak Tree Signs” if the Dr. wins on Tuesday! Does anyone remember the “Dr. Ugg” labels that the Allen County Health Department passed out in the schools back around 1970. They were the same two colors of the ugly green and black that Hayhurst is using on his signs. School kids were to put these stickers on household products that were dangerous to consume – like bleach, scouring power, turpentine, et al. Well, it would be very dangerous for the third district of Indiana to send Dr. Hayhurst to Washington so I wish I still had some of those stickers!

  2. In Oregon, the poll numbers totally changed when they took into account cell phone users. As you can see, people who use the Internet favor the Dems, perhaps traditional polling methods do not tell the full story. This election will show us many new tricks to Old Dogs.

  3. Hayhurst couldn’t beat Souder (2006) in a very anti-Bush, anti-Republican environment.

    How will he beat Stutzman in a very anti-Obama, anti-Dem environment?

    Will people vote for Coats and not for Stutzman?

    Hey, maybe Ellsworth is actually ahead!

    Just way too much to over come. I don’t any polls to tell me what is obvious to the most casual observer.

    Color the 3rd RED.


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