Indiana Democratic Party Chair on Stutzman entering 3rd District race

(INDIANAPOLIS – May 20, 2010) – Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker released the following statement on Marlin Stutzman’s announcement that he is seeking Mark Souder’s Congressional Seat in Indiana’s 3rd District:

“Now that we have learned that Marlin Stutzman has decided to enter the race for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, I think we now have to question whose interests Marlin Stutzman is looking out for – his is own career, political interests or that of Hoosiers in the 3rd District.

“Marlin comes across as a political opportunist. Someone looking for any opportunity he can find to advance his political career.”

“It’s clear that Marlin Stutzman is a career politician and a perpetual candidate, as he is now seeking his 4th office in just 2 years.

“Marlin needs to start figuring out why he would want to serve in these offices, how he could help Hoosiers, and actually do something instead of just continuing to run.”

“To the contrary, Dr. Tom Hayhurst has been a dedicated and faithful servant to the people of the 3rd District.”

“His life has been grounded in hard work and hometown values and has practiced medicine in the area for over 30 years. He is a former member of the United States Air Force, successfully reaching the rank of Major.”

“And he has also been a faithful public servant for twelve years, holding a seat on the Fort Wayne City Council.”

“I strongly believe that Dr. Tom Hayhurst is the clear choice to best represent the people of Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.”


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