Federal unemployment extensions expire beginning June 6, 2010

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Press release from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development:

Federal Unemployment Extensions Expire Beginning June 6, 2010

(INDIANAPOLIS – May 28, 2010) – The US Congress adjourned for its Memorial Day recess without reauthorizing the federal extensions of unemployment benefits.

According to federal law, Hoosiers currently receiving federal extended unemployment will be able to finish their current tier of benefits (see below), but will not move to the next tier beginning June 6, 2010. DWD estimates approximately 13,000 Hoosiers each week will not have a voucher to file for benefits beginning June 6. All Hoosiers receiving Extended Benefits (EB) will not have a voucher to file beginning Sunday, June 13. Approximately 18,000 Hoosiers are currently receiving extended benefits.

Should Congress reauthorize these programs, it will require approximately two days to reprogram the DWD computer system and resume providing benefits to eligible Hoosiers. Updates will be posted on DWD’s website.

Hoosiers will continue to receive the additional $25 weekly stimulus payment while they complete their current tier of benefits.

Unemployment Program

Max Weeks

Cumulative Weeks

State Unemployment (UI)



Federal Extension 1 (EUC1)



Federal Extension 2 (EUC2)



Federal Extension 3 (EUC3)



Federal Extension 4 (EUC4)



State Extended Benefits (EB)




  1. I am moritified, as i’ve been on unemployment for a time and have still not found work. California is 15% unemployed!! what are we to do?! I am 57 years old and will now not be able to pay rent and will lose my car and phone because you have not created jobs for us and then cause suffering and possibly the demise of those of us in this position. Unemployment should be extended through early next year at least……god knows the ngovernment wastes enough money on needless things!!!!

  2. This is crazy, I am 48 years old and I was in the same business for over 15 years and due to the economy that business is no longer viable. So I have to change careers completely. I am on Extended benefits and Cobra Subsidy.

    If I can not afford insurance I won’t have insurance.

    If I can find a Job I will file bankruptcy and try to save my home or I will be homeless, What is American going to do with a half million Homeless people who can’t get jobs after all the banks fail due to unforeseen record amounts of Bankruptcies and people can’t pay their debts, More companies will go bankrupt because they are not getting paid. It is a vicious circle, more spending need to get employers to hire, expand and also job retraining funding, right now it is very difficult to get funding for certifications even with WIA dropping down to 3000 max. Hard to get someone to let you take a certification course for that.

  3. They have to start all over again. They HAVE to. Whether they like it or not. They can’t hide the huge bail-outs they did for “Corporate America” and they cannot hide the fact that they bailed-out Greece (whose citizens did what WE SHOULD DO). The Unemployment Extensions have to continue until the JOBS Market is better. We’re still under water here. If they do not want an UPRISING to happen, they have to take care of us. Of course we would ALL rather be working, but you can’t when THERE ARE NO JOBS TO BE HAD. I wonder if BP will be hiring American citizens to help clean up the MESS they made. If so, that will be good for some. I live too far away and am probably considered TOO OLD to even do that kind of work. (everyone else thinks I am, why should they be any different). I am curious to see the tone of things on June 7th when Congress comes back from their HOLIDAY! Holiday? What’s a Holiday? I used to know, not anymore.

  4. Malfeasance – failure of elected official to do their job!! Congress wasn’t worried about the deficit when that big insurance company and Wall Street execs were giving themselves bonuses with taxpayer money!!! Next election – let Congress feel the sting of the unemployment lines!!! – How many years have you paid taxes? 30? 40? Your government bails out bankers and Wallstreet execs using your tax dollars – but unemployment is allowed to expire? What happened to “by the people” or “for the people”? Or are the big campaign contributors the only “people” who count to congress? They are playing games and going on vacation AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME while you are wondering how to feed your kids? Figure it out! You don’t Matter!! Next Election MAKE YOURSELF MATTER!!! 10% unemployment carries 10% of the vote! Use it!! Fire them next election or Impeach every Congress member NOW for FAILING to act for the people and covetting their own self interest. Next Election – Lets get people elected who actually represent the People- this current congress represents only special interest groups!
    Found this on another site by Alex, I saved it because he so nailed it!!!

  5. I’m 52 and have been laid off since Jan23, 09 and today is my final check, which is a partial one at that. If the gov can bail out the big moeny corps who basically defrauded the nation, why can’t we the people be bailed out as well for something we had no control over? Have our elected officials forgetten who got them in office to begin with?

  6. There are larger powers at work here. These games that congress is playing with the unemployed is not a fluke. What caused this whole mess anyway? People defulting on loans? Why would they be defulting so suddenly? We lost our jobs thats how. The banks have been giving loans to people who couldnt pay for them for years without a financial meltdown. It was all planned. Lets not forget who was in office for the fisrt bailout, also the only bailout that the money was not tracked. So lets think a few ecconomist tell the world it is on the brink of a meltdown, then the banks get “scared” stop lending money to small business and raising its rates on everything else. What does this cause? Oh yeah that meltdown we were scared of thanks the the ecconomist and the media. So what did we do? We gave the banks 700 billion dollars for creating this mess, which they invested over seas in better markets. So they screw our market, take our money, then invest our money some place they havent screwed yet. To make a long story short, GIVE US OUR UNEMPLOYMENT, OR GIVE US A JOB. Its the least you could do.

  7. It is a shame that 99 weeks and suddenly everyone has a good fulltime job in this mess the government caused. They know it that they need to extend a long term recession unemployment for all for at least one year if jobs are coming back but they are delaying it. If it does not happen washington needs cleared out. Enough of the career getting rich politicians!

  8. So,

    I am in my 10ths week of my 20 week EB (extended benefits). Does this mean I willl not be able to file for my last 10 weeks that i was promised????

  9. There is really something wrong with this picture! I am in agreement with all of you that something must be done, not to mention the blatent hypocracy! I read recently that mass just extended their benefits through jan 2011……california is soooo broke and yet nothing is being done, while we’re forced to watch commercials of gov. Arnold and his wife sitting down to a lavish dinner with expensive wine toasting how great life in southern california is! He’s a multi millionaire along with upandcomer meg whitman who is a billionare aquiring much of her fortune from Goldman sachs and offshore accounts. And she has the audacity to say “Work for welfare!!” Why do I find this soooo humerous and sooohypocritical!! Like she even has an inkling what it feels like to have one can of soup left in your cupboard, wondering where the next can will come from. I don’t get it??? why do we allow these individuals into office when they are not going to do anything for those of us in these positions??!! I have one more check for $575 and that’s it! I will be losing my car this summer and more than likely my roomate situation, which means homeless. As some of you have pointed out it’s amazing how we bail out criminals, but one is a “lowlife” if they need unemployment or gov. assisstence, ….unless of course you’re hispanic and pregnant for the 5th time!…..i rest my case.

  10. I guess I do not understand how this all works. The company I worked for closed at the end of 2008. I started drawing benefits about the third week of January in 2009. I am about to run out of Extended Benefits. I did the math. This is 68 weeks, not 99. I am losing my electrical service next week on June 14. Then I will have to toss most of my food, and sit here and broil every day in the heat.

  11. I have been on unemployment for a year and in this year I haven’t been able to find work in arizona my rent is on a week to week basis and I am struggling so bad. I’m so tired of these little games that they play one week I have a check then three weeks I don’t then i do again I wish they would just make up their minds.

  12. I’ve been unemployed for a very long time looking for work daily@ any type@i have class b with pass. And tankers worked for cemex who down sized and moved me to another yard then closed@ that yard@ and laid off many there no work we need unemployment I have 5 children the government will be paying out more in welfare because we must eat and take care of our children

  13. This is absolutely crazy!!!! “The US Congress adjourned for its Memorial Day recess without reauthorizing the federal extensions of unemployment benefits.” Do they know and or care how many people are depending on that income to feed, and house their families??? No, because they don’t have to worry about being evicted out of a home or worrying about how they are going to pay an electric bill, or how they are going to put food on the table. This is absolutely mindblowing and Capitolism at its finest folks………

  14. I have 7 uncles who served in the armed forces one KIA..My father served…My son now serves and has been in 10 years his wife serves 6 years now…..My family has sacrificed so much for this country and I am unemployed and recieve no monies now so goodbye home, car, food you name it…cannot get welfare or emergency help so here I sit waiting for congress to stop dragging their feet…I am 48 and have worked my whole life….now that no one is hiring I guess I will lose what little I have left even if I find a job now it will be at least 2 weeks before I get paid so what do I do….Wonder what would happen if their incomes were just halted and their lives were in the hands of others making decisions with no regard to common decency…That is the problem with our country we take care of every other country but our own…and when we do help our own its bailing out big corporate businesses what about us average citizens…………

  15. I am also affected by the lack of congress to reapprove the extensions. I am 31 and decided to go back to college for a career in the medical field. I am on the work search voucher for approved training through unemployment and they are cutting off my benifits? I am a single mom who can not find a job that is willing to work around my college class and daycare. I have only had one extension and feel that if the new health care bill goes according to plan the goverment is going to need all the nurses they can get! You would think they would consider this factor and not put myself and my son with no money to pay our bills.

  16. i have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years- tried finding a job for about 15 weeks- could not find anything- decided to go back to college to get my associates degree so i can get a job. only have till august for graduation…. but they cut my unemployment off – i’m single with 3 kids… trying my best to get a job… already lost my house… trying to keep a roof over me and my kids heads… i think i will get a position where i am doing my internship … but just need to get to graduation…i feel helpless ! have sold personal belonging just to get by….i pray that i can make it and finally get a job with my degree…we all are in trouble with the economy…. we need to support each other to get by.

  17. 31 laid off 6 months ago, single white male, so trying to get assistance is rough…. yup, I said it,

    Want assistance, have 5 kids, sit on your porch drinking 40oz all day, let yourt pants drag to the ground….. spend your real money on 42 inch TV’s and spend your food stamp money on shrimp and steak.

    A bit bitter…. seeing my loser neighbors enjoy like on the system, and I can’t get a extension for my unemployment, way to go. Thumbs up

  18. I am right along beside the above two people as well. Lost my job due to the economy, went back to college to obtain my associates degree in Criminal Justice, and almost completed my goal, which would have been this December 2010. Now, due to congress not passing H.R. 4213 on a timely basis, my unemployment insurance has been cut off, and not passed into law ASAP, I will have to drop out of college & find any job I can get just to pay my cost of living expenses. Needless to say, I have too already lost my home, & currently staying with family, but that option too will come to an end soon since my only family is currently in our Military & is being PCSing to another base, that I cannot follow them to. We ALL need this opportunity for congress to open their eyes, & better prepare us all for the best opportunity we have to help ourselves and each other. On a side note: I have already tried many minimum wage income positions, and I have been rejected stating that I was too over qualified since I had all the previous experience, and I am at the age of 45 yrs. old. These employers do NOT want to hire me knowing that I would eventually leave for a better paying position either with my degree or without it!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CONGRESS….WHERE DO PEOPLE LIKE US GO FROM HERE????????

    Sincerely, Christine Jennings (Indiana Resident for over 24 yrs & worked in the RV/MH Industry for over 18 yrs) HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m a 56 year old single mom that has been unemployed now for 15 months. I receive my last second extension of unemployment check next week, which will be only be half the payment. I have a son with bipolar that I have to care for. There is no work in my profession and I have applied for less jobs to be told that I’m over qualified. I would love to go back to school, but have no money and need work now and not months, years from now. Even if I did go to school would not promise me a job. I have worked all my life and worked for my company for 29 years before being laid off. I also paid my taxes. We have people that come to this county that have never worked, lived or paid taxes and yet they get medical insurance, housing, welfare, etc. We can also spend millions of dollars to help other countries, but can’t help our own people. America needs to take care of their own people for no other country has come to our aid when needed. I read online that there are around 12.5 million people in the U.S. unemployed. How can that many jobs be suddenly created? The answer is they can’t. It will take time. Companies and businesses are hurting and are not hiring, thus people are not being hired. I speak for myself and others that you need to extend unemployment until the job situation improves and take care of your own people.

  20. I dnt understand how there have been people on UI for a couple years and have exhausted all their tiers of benefits yet are still able to receive UI checks, yet those of us who lost their jobs later and didn’t meet their extension deadlines will lose our benefits!?! Not ok! My 1st extension was filed mid jan 2010, my 2nd extension is supposed to begin on june 6, I’m entitled to my additional benefits as well as everyone else! I never even fully used my initial 26 weeks of benefits because I went on maternity leave, so there’s 10 weeks of benefits I lost now their trying to take my tier 2-4, I’ve applied for so many jobs and have been pricing out childcare as I have a 10 month old. Wages right now (min. Wage) makes it so hard to allow someone to get by… Half my check would be going to childcare and that’s if I can find someone to take an infant. I’m depressed now! 🙁

  21. I actually lost my job due to the health reform (was previously an insurance agent, employer cut jobs after reform passed), Obama costs me my job, tells me to go back to school, and now I’ve no means to support myself. I haven’t had a single extension, still on my initial benefits and they end in two weeks. I’m over half way through my current semester and less than a year from finishing my degree. I’m following the advice of the current administration and this is what I get for it

  22. I became unemployeed at the end of Oct. 2009. Since then I have exhaused my UI and 1st extension (did not make much where I worked). I received my final check last week which was a partial payment. I’m married, have 5 kids and my husband is working but has been laid off several times over the past year from his company, just recently going back after a 2.5 month lay off. This information about UI is disturbing because we have been totally dependent on UI for so long hoping new opportunities will come along. I have gone as far as working for free for 3 different companies trying to get them to hire me. This has been ongoing for several months and I’ve yet to get a job. My theory was that if I was working, albeit for free, I was still working and I could keep up my skills base for my resume. I’ve also been in school since 2006 and have enough credits for my BS is Business, but have extended my BS to another degree just to stay within the guidlines of an undergraduate degree so I can get funding to pay for my classes. I suppose I feel lucky to have some income now that my husband is working again but this will only last a short period and then we will be back in the thick of it…I’ve read all these posts and I am sickened that government entities are playing the ‘vote off’ game to see how angry the American people can get and vote for the other side…how many people need to lose their homes? It is almost impossible for us to get help for our kids, we pay for insurance for them but it costs as much as it would if we had insurance through a job. This won’t last for long…it will come down to feeding them or keeping them healthy…hard to believe they are two separate items to think about but they are. I do not expect to get UI for years. I never planned on sitting here waiting for UI to pay me every single penny available to me before I worked again. If that was the case I would not be working for FREE now! I just want to get something to help my family and be there if and when my husband loses his job yet again to a lay off. People do amazing things to live…why can’t these entities that are holding back the American people do amazing things for us? I wonder if what is really happening is the US government is giving us our God given right to be free…free to figure it out for ourselves!

  23. I absolutely agree with Georgia 100%! There are many of us who didn’t loose our jobs due to the economy until 2009 or even just as recent as 2010, but yet we aren’t allowed to get our full extensions of unemployment benefits as all the others before us…ugh! However, I have just read that the bill has not been totally killed as of today, Friday, June 25th. The Democrats along with the President is mulling over to push the bill through as a stand alone bill by early next week. However, the President will have to sign the bill into law before they leave for the July 4th Holiday recess, so with that being said….we all need to contact both the congress, senate, and the President, and use our influence to get this bill signed in NO LATER than next week, before they go on their paid holiday vacation!!!!!!!!!! So, press on my fellow unemployed Americans!!!! We need to stand together & keep the pressure on them ALL! May you find the strength & faith to hold on until this gets passed, and you are all in my special daily prayers as well!

    God Bless America!!!


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