DWD unveils new tools to combat unemployment fraud and abuse

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Press release from the Department of Workforce Development:

DWD Unveils New Tools to Combat Unemployment Fraud and Abuse

(INDIANAPOLIS) The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) today unveiled two new tools to help Hoosier businesses and individuals combat unemployment fraud and abuse.

“These new resources will not impact eligible individuals from getting their weekly benefit,” said Teresa Voors, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. “We are simply making it easier to report to this agency people who are wrongfully collecting unemployment.”

The first of these tools is a new Unemployment Benefit Protest (Form 640P). This form makes it easier for businesses to challenge the claims of people who voluntarily quit or were fired for cause or misconduct. Once a protest is filed, DWD will contact the employer and former employee to gather additional information in order to determine the eligibility of the individual. Companies will soon receive a mailing concerning this form. It can also be downloaded from DWD’s Web site.

The second tool is a new online fraud Web site. This page allows businesses and individuals to report people they suspect to be collecting fraudulent unemployment benefits. Tips can be made anonymously. Individuals may commit unemployment insurance fraud if they:

  • Turn down a qualified job offer
  • Collect benefits while also working full-time
  • Accept cash payments for work to avoid reporting their income
  • Falsify or fail to report hours and wages earned while collecting unemployment

The Department investigates all claims of fraud. Individuals who commit unemployment insurance fraud may be required to repay their benefits plus penalties and interest, forfeit future benefits and face criminal charges. In 2009, DWD identified $3.9 million in unemployment fraud.


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