Troyer, “It’s Time to Call In the Lawyers”

Statement from Phil Troyer, Republican candidate in the 2010 primary for the 3rd District Congressional seat:

Troyer, “It’s Time to Call In the Lawyers”

(March 22, 2010) – Congressional candidate Phil Troyer called upon Indiana Secretary of State Greg Zoeller and conservative public interest attorneys to file lawsuits to challenge the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care bill.

“Let’s face it,” Troyer stated, “the House Republicans failed. They can tell tales of their efforts as they pat their own backs, but they still failed to protect the Constitution and the rights of American citizens.”

“In The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek warned that socialist programs necessarily usurp our freedoms,” Troyer noted. “Once this bill becomes law, our federal government will be able to penalize citizens who refuse to purchase health insurance. I know of no provision in our Constitution that gives the government the right to force us to buy certain goods or services merely as a consequence of being a citizen.”

“Let’s face it,” Troyer continued, “lawyers are not always popular. But we are the last line of defense when the President and Congress overstep their authority under the Constitution. It is time for my profession to demonstrate the important role we play in defending the rights of citizens against tyrannical overreaching by our own government.”

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