Pruning City Street Trees

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Press release from the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation:

Pruning City Street Trees

Street trees within the city limits will continue to be pruned and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. Crews have completed half of section 403, which has a total of 2,386 trees. Boundaries for this section are:

  • North Border—Pontiac Street
  • South Border—McKinnie Avenue
  • East Border—Anthony Boulevard
  • West Border—Calhoun Street

The Department has pruned approximately 300 out of 1,464 trees in section 101, with the following boundaries:

  • North Border—St. Mary’s River
  • South Border—Penn/Central Railroad
  • East Border—Calhoun Street
  • West Border—St. Mary’s River

The Department is responsible for removing dead and low-lying limbs from more than 56,163 street trees throughout Fort Wayne. For additional information on street trees and the pruning program, visit our website.

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