More Choices for BMV Services

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More Choices for BMV Services
Registration renewal by phone now available

(INDIANAPOLIS – January 27, 2010) Customers now have more ways to access Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) services. Andy Miller, BMV Commissioner, today encouraged customers to “think outside the branch” for simple transactions such as registration renewals and changes in some customer information by using new service options and the enhanced and secure Web site.

The new features include:

  • Registration renewals by phone.
  • Online driver’s license renewals.
  • Driver’s license and ID card renewals at select AAA Hoosier Motor Club offices.
  • Redesigned Web site allowing customer to update insurance information, mailing address, confirm license plate registration fees and pay BMV reinstatement fees online.

To encourage customers to use a Customer Choice option for registration renewals, the 2010 registration renewal notice highlights all of the options with simple instructions.Beginning this year customers can renew their vehicle or watercraft registrations by phone through the BMV Call Center at 1-888-myBMV-411 (1-888-692-6841). A customer will need to have his/her driver’s license number, Social Security number and ZIP code. Payment is by credit card or e-check.

Customers will also be able to renew their driver’s licenses online through This option is only available for renewal customers who do not have any change in personal information or address and do not require any testing. A customer will need to have his or her name, date of birth, legal address and Social Security number. Payment is by credit card or e-check. A customer can renew his or her driver’s license online every other time the credential expires. Miller emphasized that the online renewals will be issued as non-SecureID driver’s licenses.

Miller also announced that AAA Hoosier Motor Club offices will begin renewing driver’s licenses and identification cards in March as an expansion of the partnership between AAA and the BMV re-established in August, 2007 for the processing of titles and registrations.

Commissioner Miller explained, “We launched our Customer Choices initiative two years ago to provide ways for our customers to do business with the BMV without visiting a license branch. We knew that there were simple transactions that could be completed through new technology at home or at business locations partnering with the BMV. Over the past two years more and more of our customers have used our Customer Choices. In 2009, over 46% of all registration renewals were completed outside of a license branch. These include mail-in, online, or at a self-service terminals located at 35 license branches. Other renewals were completed at one of the 356 auto dealerships, five Old National Bank branches, seven AAA offices and seven Clean Air Check locations that are all official BMV service partners. Our goal is to have 65% of all registration renewals completed outside a branch in 2010.”

“Customer Choices also helps improve service at the license branches. By eliminating the simple transactions from the branches, our branch staff is more available to serve those customers who must visit a branch for driver’s licenses/permits, identification card or more complex vehicle transactions.”


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