Joann Nixon in the Tournament of Roses Parade

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A little late.

An e-mail from the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, sent January 1, 2010:

Attached is a photograph of Joann Nixon, Fort Wayne, rider on the Donate Life float in today’s Tournament of Roses parade. In addition, I’ve included a close-up photo of dedicated roses on the float.

As indicated in the media release from Lutheran Hospital earlier this week, Joann represented Indiana’s donor families on the float and placed roses dedicated from Indiana on the float before the parade. Lutheran Hospital supported 85 donors from the region to be honored on the Donate Life Rose Parade Float as a way to remember them and their families. Joann will be the featured speaker at Lutheran’s rose dedication program on Jan. 24, for donor families unable to attend the parade.

Indiana Organ Procurement Organization Inc website

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