$1 Million raised for Indiana’s first boundless playground

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Press Release from the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department:

$1 Million Raised for Indiana’s First Boundless Playground

(January 21, 2010) Mayor Tom Henry, Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll and Taylor Reuille from Taylor’s Friendship Circle announced today that over one million dollars has been raised for Indiana’s first Boundless Playground project. A $100,000 gift from the Park Foundation took the amount raised to a total of $1,009,214. Approximately $300,000 is still needed to complete the project.

The Fort Wayne Boundless Playground initiative was the vision and dream of 11-year-old Taylor Reuille, who realized that there were children with disabilities who couldn’t play at playgrounds in this area. She researched and found that a Boundless Playground would offer amazing play opportunities for children with and without disabilities, including those with physical, sensory, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Calling on the Mayor for his support, Taylor launched a public fundraising campaign called Taylor’s Friendship Circle. In August of 2008, Taylor and her mother, Kasandra Booher, presented the first Boundless Playground private contribution to the Mayor totaling $10,758.43. These proceeds came from small fundraisers, including funds contributed by Taylor’s teachers and fellow classmates at Harlan Elementary. City Council members and representatives from Turnstone and The League for the Blind & Disabled also added their support to the project.

“The accomplishments of Taylor and the supporters of Indiana’s first Boundless Playground including the Park Foundation illustrates what our community can achieve when we come together. What has been the dream of an 11-year-old girl will become reality, a place where all children can play,” Mayor Henry said. “I think this project speaks volumes about our commitment of ensuring that our All America City continues to be an all inclusive city as well.”

“I am so thankful that our community has pulled together in these tough times to help in creating Indiana’s first Boundless Playground,” said Taylor. “This playground is going to make such a huge impact in the lives of all children and adults.”

Community support for the last $300,000 is vital to complete the project. Donations of $500 or more will be listed on plaques at the front of the playground, while everyone’s donation will be noted on the website. For details about the Boundless Playground and ways to donate online to the campaign, visit www.fortwayneparks.org or call 260-427-6000. Checks made payable to the Fort Wayne Park Foundation may be sent to 705 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46805. More information about Taylor’s Friendship Circle Boundless Playground efforts can be found at www.taylorsdream.com and at www.boundlessplayground.com.

“This 1.3 million dollar campaign that the Park Department took on has been an extreme challenge in these economic times,” said Director Moll. “However the Park Foundation’s generous gift proves that a worthwhile project can always get support, and will ensure that groundbreaking will take place in late summer or early fall this year.”

Fort Wayne’s Boundless Playground at Kreager Park will have three pods of playground equipment and activity areas, a splash pad, accessible ramps and walkways, a picnic pavilion and accessible parking. Landscaping will add to the sensory experience of the facility, as will the multiple types of surface used in the various pods.

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