Indiana State Police to step up Thanksgiving holiday patrols

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Press release from the Indiana State Police:

Indiana State Police to Step Up Thanksgiving Holiday Patrols

In an effort to prevent senseless injuries and fatalities from occurring on Indiana’s roadways this Thanksgiving holiday season, the Indiana State Police and more than 250 other law enforcement agencies throughout the state will participate in the Safe Family Travel enforcement blitz. The effort will begin Friday, November 13 and continue through Sunday, November 29. During this time, troopers will have the opportunity to work overtime to ensure safe travel during this dangerous holiday travel time.

Troopers will direct their enforcement efforts towards impaired driving, speeding, following too closely, and other aggressive driving behavior. In addition, troopers will strictly enforce seat belt and child restraint laws.

During the 2008 Thanksgiving holiday period, 15 people lost their lives in Indiana traffic crashes. More than 66 percent of those fatalities were alcohol related. Additionally, in more than two-thirds of the fatal collisions that occurred around Thanksgiving, the person killed was not wearing a seat belt.

Although overall seat belt use is up nationwide, many people still refuse to buckle up. Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have consistently shown that wearing a seat belt increases one’s chances of surviving a crash by more than 50 percent.

Holiday travel safety tips:

  • Get plenty of rest before setting out on a long trip
  • Observe and obey all speed limits
  • Allow plenty of time to reach your holiday travel destinations
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Avoid using the cell phone while driving
  • If you see an emergency vehicle stopped along side the roadway, remember to MOVE OVER or SLOW DOWN.
  • Be sure to BUCKLE UP!

Your Indiana State Police wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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