If I had a penny…

… for every time I read a headline that wasn’t exactly indicative of the truth contained in the article, or read an article that was just flat out wrong, I could retire a happy blogger!

In fact, I’ve often considered starting a blog that did nothing but point out  the real truth behind the headlines and stories, but frankly, I think what I do here is far more productive.

So, what’s aroused my ire, you ask?

First, INC, the following article:  Setup Begins on Headwaters Park Ice Rink.  Uh, gee, the ice rink set up began the middle of October – almost a month ago.  In fact, the set up is almost complete, except for a few details here and there.  All that needs to be done now, basically, is to start making ice – but the weather needs to cooperate a bit for that.  Also, the rink will remain open until February 28th, not the 25th.

The second is WANE-15’s YouTube posting of the Headwaters Park vs City video clip.  Notice the headline: Leadership of Headwaters Park is Set.  Listen to the phrases used throughout the video.  Phrases like, “…leaning towards keeping” or “…no official agreement.”  Nothing has been set in stone.  It is looking like the City will not consider folding Headwaters Park into the City’s Parks system.

I know that the local newspaper reporters do not write their own headlines, perhaps the television stations practice this as well?

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