Lugar, Bennett launch education award

US Senator Richard Lugar, courtesy photo.

Press release from the Indiana Department of Education:

Lugar, Bennett launch education award

U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar and Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett today launched the Lugar Education Patriot Award.

“Many teachers, schools and school districts are taking innovative steps and helping their students to excel despite the odds,” Lugar said. “It is important that we take the time to celebrate those achievements.”

“We can’t do enough to honor excellence in educating Indiana’s students,” Bennett said. “I’m proud to join Senator Lugar in kicking off this prestigious award that targets some of our most remarkable educators and school leaders – those whose students make marked gains in academic achievement.”

During a visit to Renaissance School, part of the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, Lugar and Bennett announced the Lugar Education Patriot Award. Through the award, Lugar and Bennett will honor a school, school corporation, or education leader who has demonstrated leadership and initiative in improving the academic achievement and career preparation of Indiana students.

Specifically, selected applicants should illustrate the challenges faced within the district or school, share details of action steps taken to address those challenges, and demonstrate through data, a positive result.

Awardees will have their profiles posted on Lugar’s and the Indiana Department of Education’s websites and receive certificates designating them a “Lugar Education Patriot” along with letters of congratulations. They also will be considered for future visits from Lugar and Bennett.

Applications should be limited to 4 pages and submitted to

Questions can be directed to Georgiana Reynal in Lugar’s office at (317) 226-5555 or Matt Kirby at the IDOE at (317) 234-6791. Information on the award is available on-line.

Lugar and Bennett chose MSD Warren Township to launch the initiative because its Superintendent, Dr. Peggy Hinckley, is a proven educational innovator and has improved the progress of the Warren Township schools dramatically.

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