Clinton Street/Spy Run Creek Bridge Public Hearing – 10/27/2009

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Note: Actually, this is the Clinton Street Bridge over the Spy Run Creek. I’m hoping the Administration wasn’t consulted about the date and time for this.

A Tuesday night (City Council meeting night) which this Tuesday happens to be the final budget hearing at which many in the Administration will be in attendance.  Probably not some of the nuts and bolts people, but still.  The City Council will be asked to approve financing for the City’s portion, so why would you intentionally cut them out?

Proposed Southbound U.S. 27 (Clinton Street) Bridge Replacement and Road Reconstruction Public Hearing
Public Hearing to be held at North Side High School on Oct. 27

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Fort Wayne District announces a public hearing for the proposed southbound U.S. 27 (Clinton Street) bridge replacement and road reconstruction project at North Side High School on Tuesday, October 27, at 6 p.m. The public hearing includes a presentation of the proposed project’s plans, project schedule, project costs and an opportunity for the public to make statements about the projects.

Who: INDOT, Designer

What: Public Hearing for Proposed Southbound U.S. 27 (Clinton Street) bridge replacement and road reconstruction project

When: Tuesday, October 27, at 6 p.m.

Where: North Side High School cafeteria (Door #1), 475 East State Boulevard, Fort Wayne

The replacement bridge over Spy Run Creek is proposed to be a three-span reinforced concrete slab bridge approximately 115′ in length and 56′ – 2″ in width. The clear roadway opening, between curbs, through the bridge will be 40′ including three, 12′ traffic lanes bordered by 2′ curb offsets. Sidewalks will be provided over the bridge. The pavement surface of the bridge deck will be concrete.

A total of approximately 1,800′ of southbound U.S. 27 will be reconstructed for this project. The asphalt pavement width will be 36′ consisting of three, 12′ traffic lanes with curb and gutter on each side of the roadway bordered on both sides by concrete sidewalks located at the back of the curbs.

A portion of Westbrook Drive was recently closed at U.S. 27 by the City of Fort Wayne as part of the voluntary buyouts along Eastbrook Drive and has granted approval for INDOT to close access to/from U.S. 27 as part of the project.

Construction of the project will require approximately 0.70 acre of new permanent right-of-way. A displacement of one commercial property and two residential properties are involved with this project. A proposed official detour over State routes would use S.R. 930 and Washington Boulevard. The length of the project is 0.6 mile.

The purpose of this public hearing is to offer all interested persons an opportunity to comment on the proposed plans for U.S. 27 (Clinton Street) road improvements approximately 550 feet south of Elizabeth Street to State Boulevard, including the bridge replacement over Spy Run Creek located in the City of Fort Wayne.

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  1. we have big problems going forward with the declining revenue coming into city coffers, the henry admin. admits tougher times are ahead of us all. the federal and state gov. will be demanding higher taxes. yet this city admin wants to spend several million dollars of our tax money on a “pretty bridge”. the clinton street bridge in a state owned bridge. the state will make all improvements, upkeep, and even replace the bridge if the state deemed it is necessary. mayor henry wants the bridge “dressed up” with arches,etc. so that is where the taxpayers come in. For the extras, several million dollars of our tax money is needed. this tax money, with other wastefully spending that is going on, could help citizens get thru the worst recession we have faced for decades, lower tax rates on small businesses, help us literally survive for another day. if you actually think about it, mayor henry would spend these millions on a “pretty bridge” than to help his own citizens pay for food and heat for the winter.

    • Actually, the last time the bridge was discussed at City Council, it was stated that the plans would probably have to be scaled back. The bridge would be built in such a way that the arches and other dressings could be added at a later date. But even with this aside, the City would still have to contribute some to the bridge whether it was built as a “pretty bridge” or a “flat-top carrier type” as Council President Tom Smith called it. This bridge is at the replacement point. As far as spending millions on a bridge, whether the funding comes from State, Federal or local funds, it all comes out of our pocket in one way or another.

  2. Perhaps my reading comprehension is not what it used to be…but the meeting notice appears to be only referring to the bridge over the Spy Run creek, and the area immediately to the north and south of it. I see absolutely no referene to the MLK Jr. bridge, which is much farther south than the number of feet denoted.


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