Breaking: Mutual agreement reached on Taviano work status

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Statement from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mutual agreement reached on Taviano work status

City of Fort Wayne officials today announced that a resolution has been reached on issues specific to the employment status of Tina Taviano. The agreement is a mutually determined one and settles all outstanding matters.

Taviano has been assigned to a short-term role in the City Controller’s Office effective immediately. The project-based work will last no longer than six months.

Under the direction of City Controller Pat Roller, Taviano will assist in identifying, assessing and implementing process improvements to the MUNIS system. MUNIS is the City’s recently installed comprehensive financial software system. The various modules of the system are currently in rollout.

Throughout the remainder of her tenure, Taviano will continue to be a full-time employee. She will be compensated through the Division of Finance and Administration at her current rate of pay.

Taviano previously held the position of Director of Communications.

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  1. Not knowing any actual details of the situation. Let’s assume if they terminated her outright she would sue them, they would probably pay more than half a year’s salary and benefits in attorney fees to go to trial. So this arrangement, though odd and slightly annoying to my sensibilities, probably makes some financial sense for them, in a messed up way.

    • I agree, Stan. However, this really only raises more questions than it answered. And, it only fuels speculation amongst the public about what’s really going on. I’m sure that somewhere, some time the truth will come out, but in the mean time, it smacks of nothing positive.


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