City Council notes – 10/13/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

Notes from this evening’s City Council meeting.

Carol Taylor, City Attorney, and Tim Haffner, the City’s Corporate Counsel, are addressing the City Council about the garbage contract extension with National Serv-All.

There will be a new bidding process to be held in July, 2010.  They are extending the current Garbage contract by one year as allowed by State Statute.

Glynn Hines – just asked if they are going to be improving on the process, or using the same “flawed” process?  Carol Taylor responded, they are looking to improve it.

Mitch Harper – asking about future disclosures of LLC partnerships.

Tim Haffner is talking about the bidding process.  “There are a number of improvements to the process we’d undertake.”

Public Hearings

R-09-09-22 – no one spoke.

R-09-09-24 – no one spoke.

Prior Approval Parnell Avenue Walks – 1,500 curb walk between Vance Ave and St. Joe River  Drive.  Terra walks adjacent to trees.  Rock Solid Concrete, local contractor, lowest bidder.  Mario Trevino, Traffic Engineering, is presenting.

Prior Approval Public Sidewalk Curb Ramps – various areas in north half of City.  $104,672, Key Concrete lowest bidder, although over the engineer’s estimate.

Prior Approval Washington-Webster Partial Sewer Separation – Crosby Excavating was the lowest of 7 bidders on the project.  Crosby was the contractor for the prior phase of this project.  Project was moved up due to resurfacing of Washington next year.  Grand Wayne Center and the Allen County  Public Library have been met with to minimize impact to them.  Engineer’s estimate, $419,000 and spread of bids – Councilman Tim Pape.

R-09-09-22 – Elissa McGauley is speaking before the Council.  Planning for operation of a call center.  30 ft, 12 pt.  Currently 19 and 4.  Average annual salary is over $54,000; exsiting is $53,000.  Company hasn’t been in business long.  Jobs are expected to be trickling in over 2012.

R-09-09-24 – 10 ft and 10 pt jobs created.  10 year abatements.

R-09-10-01 – passed.

Renaissance Square bond public hearing – no one spoke.

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