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Press release from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department:

Public awareness is requested to prevent vehicle break-ins, thefts from garages and home burglaries

Between Thursday, September 24, 2009, and Sunday, September 27, 2009 The Allen County Sheriff’s Department has responded to 9 complaints involving thefts from garages and home burglaries.

The incidents started with thefts from open garages, then escalated to the perpetrators entering the homes through unsecured service doors and has evolved to cutting screens and entering the homes while the residents are asleep. The screens were cut and homes entered through open windows.

The Sheriff’s Department has responded to 5 calls in Autumn Ridge, 2 calls in Oak Point, 1 call in The Oaks and 1 call in Twin Trails.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department is asking the public for help with crime prevention. Sheriff Kenneth C. Fries advises there are some actions that the public can take to prevent themselves from becoming victims of theft and burglaries. Close and lock your windows, take your valuables with you when visiting, lock your doors, close your overhead garage doors and lock your service entry door, leave the porch light on and if your vehicle is equipped with an alarm system, make sure you set it. Do not leave your garage door opener in your vehicle and report any suspicious people or activity to the Sheriff’s Department as soon as possible. Thieves will take advantage of an invitation to steal from an unsecured vehicle. Sub-divisions that do not have a Neighborhood Watch program in place can start one through their neighborhood association. Do not leave anything that can be carried away in plain site in your vehicle.

Thieves are taking laptop computers, I-Pods, wallets, CD’s, GPS systems, etc. If you notice that your child or a neighborhood acquaintance has new items such as those mentioned and does not have a believable explanation of how they were attained, attempt to get the brand, model or serial number and call the Allen County Sheriff’s Department Detective Bureau. Your phone call could solve an open case. The Detective Bureau can be reached at 449-7431.

Most of the reported thefts are from unlocked vehicles. (PLEASE LOCK YOUR DOORS)

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