Mayor Henry’s statement on gaming

Press release from the City of Fort Wayne, sent today, August 25, 2009:

Statement of Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry on Gaming:

My position has been clear and steadfast on this issue. I want the people of Fort Wayne to be able to make their own decision about gaming.

I respect that there are diverse opinions about gaming. That is why I believe it is so important for the people of this community to have the right to decide for themselves what opportunities they want to explore. It is why I led the way in calling for a referendum. It is why I will continue to work with our state legislators to secure one.

To be able to choose our own destiny is a founding American principle. I am convinced our citizens want to be heard, and I believe they should have the right to be heard on this issue.

I am also committed to making sure Fort Wayne has every chance to thrive. In these difficult economic times, I believe an opportunity that could bring new jobs, high-quality investment and significant new revenue into our community is one deserving of serious consideration.

On an issue of this magnitude, the public should be allowed to speak. On a topic of so much significance, it is the judgment of the people of Fort Wayne that I trust. I strongly support a referendum that will allow Fort Wayne citizens to make their own decision about gaming.

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