Commissioner’s letter – again??!!??

Speaking of the gaming issue, I really hate to do this – AGAIN, but come on.

Kevin Leininger has another factually wrong statement in his column TODAY.

[…] In a letter dated today to local businessman John Popp and the “Say No To CasiNo” organization…

It was dated Monday, Kevin.

[…] Echoing concerns expressed earlier by County Prosecutor Karen Richards…

What Kevin does not tell you is that a copy of the letter by Richards was also given to the Study Committee by Mr. Popp.  In fact, it was three letters he delivered – I can’t remember who the third letter was from.  As soon as I locate my notes, I’ll post the third letter.  The third letter was signed by local business leaders against a casino in the Fort.

I’d also like to point out that I was the first to break the news of this letter – of any of the media outlets. I did it the old fashioned way, well sort of. I watched the live webcast of the State Study Committee’s session and within 30 seconds of hearing Mr. Popp mention the letter, e-mailed the County. They responded in well under an hour and it was on the blog. It’s fun to watch everyone scramble and play catch-up!  I was supposed to attend the committee meeting, but a transportation problem prevented me.

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