City Council agendas – 8/25/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council meets Tuesday evening in Committee and Regular Sessions at 5:30 pm in room 128 of the City-County Building. The agenda may be downloaded by clicking here and the Ordinances and Resolutions up for introduction may be downloaded here.

There is a public hearing at tomorrow night’s City Council meeting concerning the purchase of the Renaissance Square property.  If you are interested in speaking, you will be limited to three minutes.  You can call and be put on a list, but my experience has been that they don’t follow the list.  People usually que up and go from there.

There are several “Prior Approval Requests” up for vote including Wells Street Streetscape Improvements.  I’ve seen some of the plans for this and it will definitely improve one of our City’s historic corridors.  The project has been scrtinized and is actually about $60k lower than engineer estimates.

The Renaissance Square purchase will be discussed by the City Council.  Although not scheduled, I would expect some sort of appearance by County officials to discuss their side of the financing.  The ordinance for the purchase will then probably be voted out of committee and given a final vote during the Regular Session.

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