Hmmmm, really?

Editorial writer Stacey Stumpf has an article in today’s Journal Gazette.

The article, titled, “Quiet revival on east side of downtown“, lists several projects that, “… are quietly making major investments to improve and develop existing buildings on the east side of downtown.”

I’d like to point out a few things as the article reads like these projects are currently on-going.

  1. The Van Gilder & Trzynka P.C.:  Yes, it was bought from John Tippmann, Sr., (Tippmann Property Group) however it was Tippman who invested the money to rehab the building.  And, this was done several years ago.
  2. LaHartz Trophies & Awards: This renovation occurred in 2007 and I think it’s already been celebrated?  It did win an award from the DID at this past January’s annual meeting.
  3. Rothberg Logan & Warsco: The only project on the list currently underway.
  4. 400 E. Washington Blvd.: Announced with banners, but nothing is underway, yet.
  5. Woodson Motorsports:  Another building bought and rehabbed by Tippmann Property Group, several years ago.  They were responsible for restoring the building to its former appearance inside and out before Woodson bought the building and installed the controversial metal siding to the building.

What about these projects that made just as big a ripple on the east side transition, but for some reason were omitted:

  1. The Steininger Center, built two years ago?
  2. The rebuilt Associated Churches Food Bank at Monroe and Wayne Streets?
  3. Matthew 25‘s  renovation and expansion?
  4. The proposed strip mall/convenience store at Clay and Jefferson Boulevard?
  5. Exterior work on the former downtown Holiday Inn.  They apparently have plans in the works for more exterior work as well.
  6. 419 E Wayne Street, Frank Lloyd Wright design house.  Another property rehabbed by Tippmann Property Group.  (Listing)

John Tippmann, Sr., and the Tippmann Property Group have been instrumental players in the saving of several key buildings downtown, including the Lincoln Tower.  He and they truly deserve kudos and recognition!

She ends with, “…these private investments in downtown revitalization deserve recognition and should not be overlooked.”  These investments haven’t been overlooked by anyone but apparently the Journal Gazette – thank goodness they’ve righted this now – and it only took a couple of years…


  1. As usual Steve, you tell it like it is. It’s too bad the media don’t celebrate private investment in downtown more…it doesn’t sell ink to share the good news I guess. Two other, ‘east-end’ improvements are the major renovations completed by Three Rivers Apartments, and just recently – the significant investment in, and redevelopment of the building in the 600 block of East Berry by Prairie Quest Consulting. Downtown will never be ‘done’… but it is coming alive at an increasing pace.

  2. The reason the Journal is now mentioning these projects is that it apparently fits whatever agenda they are following now. As for the inaccuracies in who did what, that’s par for the course. The old adage about never letting the facts get in the way of a good story has never been more true.

  3. Its great that local companies are investing in buildings. But Woodsons? Great Job, move downtown and abandon the structure you built on the west side, Awesome. Looks like crap.


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