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Hmmmm, really?

Editorial writer Stacey Stumpf has an article in today's Journal Gazette. The article, titled, "Quiet revival on east side of downtown", lists several projects that,...

Steininger Center Photos – 6/29/2008

Click the above image for the photo set All that remains to be completed on the exterior is the landscaping at the new Steininger Center...

Steininger Center Construction Photos – 5/25/2008

Photo set taken May 25, 2008 of the Steininger Center Construction Click the above image for the photo set

Various Construction photo updates

Photo set taken at the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck on May 13, 2008. Click the above photo for the Harrison Square set The Historic Wells Street...

Steininger Center Photo Updates

Photo updates of the Steininger Center construction taken April 20, 2008

Steininger Center Photos – 4/5/2008

Steininger Center Construction photos taken April 5, 2008

Steininger Center unveiled

Well, not quite finished, but the tarp is down and new façade revealed. Other photos

Steininger Center Construction Photos

New photo set of the Steininger Center construction, taken March 29, 2008.

Construction Photos – 3/20/2008

Harrison Square Construction Area photos taken March 20, 2008 from the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck. Also, a photo of the Steininger Center and the Subway Sandwiches Restaurant, both under...

Steininger Center and Subway Photo Updates

Steininger Center photo updates - 3/16/2008 Subway Sandwiches photo updates - 3/16/2008