Evan Kasprzak can dance!

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The name Evan Kasprzak might not be familiar to you unless you went to see the movie “Nero Bloom” earlier this year at the Cinema Center.

“Nero Bloom” starred Huntington University students and had its world premiere here in Fort Wayne on May 8, 2009.

After Hours movie poster

But the movie that made an even bigger impression on me was a short movie titled, “After Hours” that played before “Nero Bloom”. The movie was an oft used story of a janitor, taken with a girl he briefly sees, who ends up dancing with his mop which transforms into the girl. The movie was filmed in the Huntington County Courthouse and also utilized the talents of local filmmaker Kelly Lynch who was the Director of Photography.

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The movie was well filmed and well-acted – and I tell you what – and Evan can dance!

Anyway, the band Attaboy – who hails from Huntington University – opened tonight at the MercyMe concert at Parkview Field. At some point in the evening, it was mentioned that Evan is in the final four on the Fox television show, So you think you can dance? I’ve never watched the show, but perhaps I should start?

Best of luck, Evan!!

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