Pictures of the day

Two pictures serve as my photos of the day, nay month.  Not so much for their artistic value – because there is none – but rather the volumes they speak about, well, their respective topic.

This poster sits on a desk outside the House Chamber in the State House in Indianapolis.  Notice the sponsor at the bottom of the poster:

Casino Association of Indiana –  Strong partners in Indiana Economic Development.

Hmmmm.  Do I need to say it?

The above “Pork Indiana” statue is in front of Lt. Governor Beck Skillman’s office.  Not sure how John and I missed this during our earlier visit this year, we may not have even been on that floor.  I’m sure one of us would have noticed it.  Again – do I need to say it? And note, I’m not making a Palin-lipstick on a pig-related comment here either. Actually, I’m thinking this is in front of the wrong off. In fact, more apropos to some of our US Congressmen and Senators…


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