Ozone Action Day – 6/24/2009

Citilink Logo Clean Air Force logo, courtesy of Citilink.

Press release from Citilink:

Free fare Ozone Action Day – Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has declared Wednesday an Air Quality Action Day for ozone. On these days ground level ozone is particularly high and can be unhealthy for people with breathing problems. Citilink has received a grant that allows us to offer free fares on these days. The goal is to improve air quality by reducing the number of cars on the road; mass public transportation produces 50% less pollution per mile. Save money & help the environment. Extend your trip by bringing your bike on the bus, all fixed route buses are equipped with bike racks.

Unsure about how to take a Citilink bus? Give Citilink a call at 432-4546. Friendly customer service representatives will help you plan your trip. You may also check out the Citilink website www.fwcitilink.com for instruction on how to take the bus and current schedules.

Dump the pump – Save some Green – Ride the Blue


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