Did you hear that whistle blow?

Photo taken at North Judson, Indiana in May

If at about 5:15 pm yesterday, you imagined you heard a steam whistle traveling through downtown, no, you weren’t imaging things.

The NKP 765 was returning home after several successful passenger excursions in North Judson, Indiana.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know she was returning or I’d have been on the roof.  She travelled down the old Nickel Plate Railroad line which in downtown, this is the line on the north side of the City-County building.  I’d just opened the door to my apartment, after a hard day’s work, when I heard that unmistakable whistle.  I got to the window just in time to see her on the elevation.  I heard the whistle a couple of more times.  Needless to say, I didn’t even have time to whip out the camera.  In fact, a friend called me to ask if he’d just heard what he thought he’d heard.

Welcome home, 765!

Photos from North Judson, previous AFW Blog posts and video


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