Rant: SPAM – it’s not just for supper!

image from spam.com

No, this isn’t about the other pink meat.

Over the past week, this blog has been inundated with spam comments.  There have also been a couple of comments that could possibly have come from readers, however, comments without a real name submitted will not be accepted per the comment policy for this site.  In fact, I refused a comment earlier this week for these reasons and received an angry email from someone who wouldn’t reveal their identity even to me.  However, Tom S., I was able to track you down from an earlier angry email you’d sent me, via your IP address, and do not appreciate your ire.

I don’t hide my identity and stand behind what I post to this blog – so should you.  I am a strong believer in free speech, however, there are responsibilities that go along with that.  I cannot believe that in most situations, you’re gonna fear recriminations or waking up with a horse’s head in your bed.  If you feel the need to spout off incognito or you don’t agree, feel free to start your own blog and leave mine alone!

Blogs can be a productive, meaningful place for the exchange of ideas.  We don’t always have to agree, but we do need to be civil.

Thanks for listening!


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