Cause released for Willows of Coventry Apartment fire

The Fort Wayne Fire Department has officially released the cause of the Willows of Coventry Apartment fire which claimed three young lives.

Before I give you the text of the release, a short time ago, I sent an email request to the Fire Department’s PIO.  I asked her to place me on the FWFD media release list.  I never received a response.  This was after seeing her at the Get Green celebration earlier this year.  It may simply be that she never received it – I’m not sure.  I’ve decided at this point, to send a formal written letter requesting my addition to the list.  State code provides for citizens to be added to such media lists of government entities upon request.  I can understand the hesitancy given the sometimes sensitive nature of the beast.  However, no response is simply not acceptable.

On to the release, as it appeard on the City of Fort Wayne’s website – not the FWFD site:

Fort Wayne Fire Department releases update on Jan. 23 fire at Willows of Coventry
Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This media release from the Fort Wayne Fire Department is an update on preliminary findings of cause and origin regarding the fire that took place on January 23rd, 2009 at the Willows of Coventry Apartments. Fort Wayne Fire Department Investigators continue to believe that the fire was electrical in nature due to findings of high resistance heating at or near an electrical outlet near the front exterior wall of the lower apartment. The cause of the fire continues not to be suspicious in nature as reported on January 28th, 2009. Investigators continue to wait on results of destructive testing to further substantiate that the electrical outlet/wiring was in fact the cause of the fire.

In a separate report by an independent laboratory, it was reported that accelerant residue was detected near an entry point of the apartment. It is strongly believed by the investigators that this residue was a result of firefighters using gas powered equipment such as positive pressure fans and chainsaws in the course of bringing the fire under control. There has been absolutely no detection of pour patterns relating to fuel accelerants at anytime during the investigation. Further inquiries can be directed to Chief Pete Kelly’s office at 427-1169.

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