Germanfest 2009: Wednesday events – 6/10/2009


Germanfest events continue today with the opening of the Bier tent at Hadwaters Park.  The tent will be open from 10:30 am until midnight. Visit the official Germanfest website for more detailed information.

10:30AM to Midnight – Doors Open at the Bier Tent at Headwaters Park Festival Plaza

11:00AM – Official Opening Ceremony Germanfest 2009 on the Festival Pavilion Stage
It’s Wunderbar! Germanfest 2009 invites all local and visiting dignitaries, sponsors, and the public to participate in this traditional opening ceremony. Attend the ceremonies, enjoy the music, and dine on fine German food (the traditional brats hot off the grill, homemade sauerkraut, German potato salad, kuchen for dessert.

11:30AM – City-wide Chicken Dance at the Festival Pavilion Stage and on-air: Fun 101.7 WLDE
101.7 WLDE kicks off Germanfest with a city-wide “chicken dance”! Wherever you are, be sure your radio is set to 101.7 WLDE at 11:30AM so you, your co-workers, students, family and friends can all do a simultaneous chicken dance, broadcast live from the Germanfest tent at Headwaters Park. Then, we’ll follow with what might be the world’s largest chicken dance, led by the Money Monkey. Listen to 101.7 WLDE for all of the fun!

12:15PM – Germanfest Organ Concert at First Wayne Street UM Church at 300 E Wayne St
Tim McEwen, organist and organ builder from England will perform selections of well-known German composers. The church organ, a Beckerath, was built in Hamburg Germany especially for their sanctuary. Embrace the sounds of Germany. Immediately following, lunch will be served for $5. Limited seating. Sponsored by the Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Guild Of Organists. (Link)

11:00AM to 8:00PM – Play Take It or Leave It! at the Festival Pavilion Stage
Sponsored by 1250 The River. Guests receive a numbered ticket from the events kiosk to play. One contestant is chosen for each program time. Eight volunteers from the audience are also chosen at random to assist game play. The contestant is presented with eight mystery boxes. Each box contains a prize worth from $5 to $100. Contestant begins by choosing one of the eight boxes. At this point, he can “Take It” or “Leave It” and choose another box. If he leaves it, the box is opened and that prize is eliminated from play. Play continues until all but one prize is eliminated from the board or when the contestant chooses to end the game with a final choice. Drawings occur at 1PM, 5PM, & 9PM. (Link)


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