City Council notes – 6/9/2009

The Fort Wayne City Council

The Fort Wayne City Council met tonight in Committee and Regular Sessions.

One item on the agenda stimulated some discussion about CDAPs and comparisons between this request and that of the earlier Fairmount Place vacation request that was held and later withdrawn after it became apparent that there would not be enough votes on the City Council to pass.

This time, the issue was the rezoning of 2605, 2607, 2611 and 2615 S. Anthony Boulevard to allow for the construction of gas station and convenience store.  Councilman Glynn Hines stated that the neighborhood did not want this and that it did not go with the neighborhood’s plans.  After a failed attempt to hold the ordinance to allow for a compromise or other alternatives to be explored, the ordinance was passed out of committee with a “Do Not Pass” recommendation.  Councilwoman Liz Brown and Councilman Mitch Harper were in favor of the hold, then in favor of passage of the ordinance.  I’ll have further details on this issue sometime tomorrow.

This conflict between a developer’s desires and the desires of citizens expressed through CDAPs, or Community Development Area Plans, has been boiling under the surface for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the proposed Charis House project on Fairmount Place has brought this to a head.  On Monday, the Plan Commission will take up the matter for possibly a final time.  Again, more on this later.

In the meantime, several Councilpersons chimed in on the subject of CDAPs again during their “open comments” portion.



Councilman Mitch Harper also reminded citizens about ordering street trees and talked about the possibility of the local Capital Improvements Board setting aside some money for much needed improvements.



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