Komets celebration downtown – photos

Tonight, Fort Wayne and Allen County came together to celebrate the Komets back to back Turner Cup Championships on the Courthouse Green at the Allen County Courthouse.

Great job to City and County officials for recognizing this gem in our crown.

I usually do not do this, but I’d like to share this photo with you as I see some humor in it.

I thought of several captions for this photo, almost all of them involving an H1N1 quip.  Alright, you twisted my arm.  Caption 1: I’m not shaking that hand unless we’ve got some sanitizer.  Why don’t we just bump elbows?  Caption 2: Ok, he’s an Eagle not a swine, so it should be ok to shake, right?  Caption 3: Those are small feet for an eagle.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

One other photo I’ll share.  This is Mayor Henry with the Turner Cup.


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