Charis House once again on Plan Commission tonight – 5/11/2009

The Charis House plans are on the agenda for tonight’s Planning Commission meeting.  You may download the agenda and “notebook” here.  This is to build a new shelter on the property surrounding Fairmount Place.  They will not be going for a vacation request, but have scaled down the project to fit on one side of the street.  More on this later.

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  1. I really have to ask why don’t they use Commerce Drive as their means of in/out? It wouldn’t cost much to buy up a couple of those propertys! Also why don’t they want their building to the very back of the property, and let then retention pond be more towards the street? Time to go to a meeting!

  2. I had the same thought when I saw the new site plan. It seems like you’d want to put the building on the north side of Fairmount Place and that would leave the south side available for future expansion/development.

    I will be blogging live from the meeting, as long as the technology permits!


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