Council Call-in audio – 5/6/2009

Fort Wayne City Council President Tom Smith.  Courtesy image.

Fort Wayne City Council President Tom Smith hosts the monthly Council Call-In program.  Last Wednesday, he had as his guest, Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters.

Topics discussed included:

  • The Interlocal Agreement for the conveyance of Wheel Tax and Surtax revenue to the County, from the Cit, for use to maintain repairs to bridges.
  • 9-1-1 Consolidation
  • The County’s priorities in the past Legislative session
  • The Capital Improvement Board
  • The passing of Ed Rosseau
  • Two callers commented on the Bike Trail along Rudisill Boulevard and Parkview Field

For those interested, you may also download the Allen County Highway’s, “City of Fort Wayne Recommended Bridge Improvements Costs Common Council Handout” here.  There was one graph, in color which may be downloaded here.

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  1. Council Call-in for the second week of each month (5/13/2009) is hosted by 4th District Councilman Mitch Harper. His guest this month is Chad Tinkel, City of Ft. Wayne forester. The program is LIVE at 7pm on Access FW Comcast 58 and Verizon 28.


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