Parkview Field Opening Day

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The above image, from Thursday’s Opening Day Parkview Field ceremonies, reminded me of another symbolic image from the Harrison Square Groundbreaking held November 29, 2007.  In the above, dignitaries are gathered to throw out the first ceremonial pitch.  But for some reason, former Mayor Graham Richard was detached from what was happening behind him.  At one point, he walked off the field to greet someone in the dugout area.  For me, this was another visual reminder of Richard’s insistence and support of this project, even without the backing of a community majority.

On that day, the crowd had poured out from the Grand Wayne Center and crossed Jefferson Boulevard into the project area, halting traffic.  On the way back, Mayor Graham Richard took the lead back to the Grand Wayne Center, by shouting over his shoulder for everyone to follow him.  He added, “…and this time let’s take the crosswalk!”  At the sidewalk, the Mayor turned right to head towards the cross walk, while the vast majority went straight across Jefferson Boulevard.  For me, this became a symbolic image for the Harrison Square project.  Mayor Graham Richard leading one way, while the majority of the community hesitated or went the other way.

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