Tonight’s sunset

An absolutely beautiful sunset tonight.  I really wish they’d move that hospital and bury those utility lines…

Just kidding, or am I?

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  1. We do have beautiful sunrises and sunsets! Sometimes when you look at overhead powerlines they are a distraction, but then again they can be very artistic by comparing angles. Think of out in the countryside when they go for what seems to be forever , like a fence row. Memphis within the last ten years brought back overhead lines for their downtown trolley which is used not only by the locals, who were hesitant at first about the effects, but also by many tourists who find the trolleys and lines quite nostalgic!

    • I agree, Judi. At least my view out my north windows are no longer obstructed. There used to be a tall chimney on the peerless building which seemed to always be in the middle of photos I wanted to take. I just need to move up a couple of floors to escape the power lines.


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