Ribbon of Community

From a press release by the City of Fort Wayne issued on December 30, 2008:

The Ribbon of Community, scheduled to go in just after the first of the year, is a laser-cut 3/4-inch steel plate of people’s silhouettes depicting community life in Fort Wayne with athletic, artistic and economic references. It will go along the sidewalk setback at the Renaissance Square building where there is a drop-off to Barr Street, minimizing safety hazards.

Throughout the display, a stainless steel handrail — a ribbon — runs through the painted silhouettes that showcase Fort Wayne’s innovative and creative qualities. Permanent labels will identify the activities.


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  1. The west side of the Renaissance Square building has the same, if not more prominent, drop off. Something like this would be even more noticeable on that side of the building due to the high volume of traffic on Clinton.


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