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Press release from the City:

The Power of Rangers Clears a Path: More Wanted

A vital part of Fort Wayne’s beautiful and extensive greenway system is the volunteer Greenway Rangers.

These volunteers are the eyes of the system and are a key to maintaining the City’s trails.

“By being out on the trails at least once per week, our Rangers keep tabs on the condition of our trails by making sure they are secure and free of debris after storms, letting us know if asphalt repair is needed and providing information to those using the trails. In essence our Greenway Rangers save the City money by helping us maintain the system. We absolutely could not do it without our wonderful volunteer Rangers,” said Dawn Ritchie, Greenways Manager.

The City currently has 44 volunteer Greenway Rangers, but that’s not enough to cover the 42 miles of trail. 16 additional Rangers are needed in the following areas: six on the Rivergreenway, five on the Wabash & Erie Towpath Trail in southwest Fort Wayne, and five on the Aboite Trails in southwest Fort Wayne.

“Our Rangers are residents who use and value the trails and want them maintained. They are responsible for a half mile to a mile stretch of the system. It’s not a big time commitment. We only ask that they are on the trails at least once a week during the months of April through October. It’s okay to miss a week or two because of vacation,” said Ritchie.

Greenway Rangers provide close oversight of safety and security issues. They also help keep the trails clean by picking up litter and provide trail users with information.

Citizens wanting to become a Greenway Ranger, should contact Dawn Ritchie, Greenways Manager, at 427-6002.

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